Physical therapists use all kinds of equipment to help them treat injuries. While barehanded manual therapy can be a wonderful treatment option, some patients require more than  simple hands-on therapy. Various tools aid in strength and flexibility training and allow physical therapists to apply types of physical therapy that they can’t with their bare hands.

Below, we’ll discuss some specific types of physical therapist equipment to give you an idea of what your PT will use to treat your injury.

What equipment do physical therapists use?

Here are some of the pieces of equipment you’re likely to find in a physical therapist’s office:

  1. Treatment tables —Physical therapy often includes manual therapy, in which the therapist physically uses their hands to break up soft tissue and relieve muscle tension. The patient lies on a treatment table while this procedure happens, so you’re likely to see one in every physical therapy office.
  1. IASTM instruments —Some physical therapists offer a service called instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, or IASTM. This process is similar to manual therapy in that the physician manipulates the patient’s soft tissue, but it involves the use of steel rods and other tools. You may see these tools in your physical therapist’s workspace.
  1. Treadmills/exercise bikes — Treadmills and exercise bikes are involved in both the diagnostic and treatment processes. Not only do these tools allow therapists to get a good look at the patient’s posture and range of motion, but they are also useful for flexibility and endurance training.
  1. Resistance bands — No physical therapist’s equipment toolbox is complete without a set of resistance bands. These simple rubber bands can be used to target a variety of different muscle groups. By steadily increasing the amount of resistance over time, your PT can help you regain strength in the injured area.
  1. Exercise balls — Exercise balls are used for stretching and to rehabilitate various parts of the body. Exercise balls are also affordable in comparison to other types of physical therapy equipment, so patients can buy one for themselves and perform exercises at home between appointments.

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