Ankle surgery is no walk in the park. Over 5,000 patients a year undergo ankle surgery to treat osteoarthritis, sports injuries and other painful conditions. If your doctor has recommended you for ankle surgery, then you’ve likely been living with pain in your ankles for weeks or even months. While your ankle surgery should help you feel better in the long run, you will still need to take time for your ankle to recover after your surgery. 

Rehabilitation can sometimes be painful, and you may feel frustrated at how long it takes for your routine to get back to normal. If you’re hoping for a speedier recovery, experts recommend going to a physical therapy clinic as soon as possible following your ankle surgery.

Why do I need physical therapy during ankle surgery recovery?

Physical therapy is a crucial step in post-ankle surgery recovery. While experts recommend that you stay off your ankle and keep it elevated for the first two weeks after surgery, it’s important to begin seeing a physical therapist as soon as you can. Here’s why:

  • Reducing swelling and inflammation — One of the immediate benefits of physical therapy during ankle surgery recovery is a reduction in swelling. This also helps to relieve the throbbing pain that is often caused by inflammation.
  • Preventing blood clots — Physical therapy helps to increase the flow of blood to your ankle. This helps to reduce the chance of dangerous blood clots from forming after surgery.
  • Reducing scar tissue — If you are immobile for too long after surgery, scar tissue can begin to form inside your ankle; this can cause it to become stiff and uncomfortable to move. Physical therapists can help break up scar tissue using manual therapy as well as exercises and stretches.
  • Increasing ankle strength — You will need to rebuild the muscle strength in your ankle to be able to use it fully again after surgery. Physical therapy helps your muscles to heal and grow more quickly. This also helps to prevent injury from occurring in the future.
  • Restoring range of motion — Your ankle may have been difficult to move before your ankle surgery. Physical therapy can help to restore your ankle’s range of motion, making it easier to walk and run once it is healed.

Where can I turn for physical therapy near me?

If you are seeking trusted experts to help you during your ankle surgery recovery, look no further than the team at Performance Physical Therapy. Our certified orthopedic clinical specialists are trained to address the pain and physical limitations that you may experience after surgery.

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